When I founded Orchard Partners in January 1998 after a career in investment banking and strategic planning, I was determined to follow the market, but I wasn’t sure where the market would lead me. I understood corporate finance and I knew my way around the technology office parks on Route 128 near Boston. I had negotiated the purchase and sale of companies, underwritten public offerings and valued hundreds of businesses, but I wasn’t certain which combination of skills and contacts would allow my young orchard to flourish.

Fortunately, the market’s guidance has been clear and direct. By concentrating in business appraisals, I’ve been able to carve a rewarding niche for myself and my associates.

Looking back over more than 10 years at Orchard Partners, I can see some of the major events that brought us here. The “” boom created a tremendous demand for “cheap stock” appraisals, a practice I had developed as an investment banker. Winning ASA’s imprimatur as an “Accredited Senior Appraiser” sharpened my valuation skills and introduced me to a universe of intelligent, dedicated appraisers. The accounting profession cooperated by moving toward fair value accounting, creating a huge opportunity for appraisers willing to learn new valuation techniques and terminology. Joining the Appraisal Issues Task Force provided me with a national forum for observing the interaction of standard setters, regulators and appraisers.

Most importantly, Orchard’s clients and the accountants and attorneys who refer them to us have provided us with an opportunity to work on their behalf. To say that I’m grateful doesn’t begin to describe the feeling.

When I started the business, I sent a letter to colleagues and friends saying, “I’ve named the business Orchard Partners. Think of me whenever you see a tree.” Please continue to do so. Thank you for visiting our web site.


 Joel F. Johnson, Principal

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