Fairness Opinions


Orchard Partners has been asked to provide a fairness opinion in the following types of transactions:

  • A small public company making a major acquisition.
  • A public company planning a divestiture.
  • A private company planning a recapitalization of its debt and equity.
  • A public company issuing new shares and warrants.

A fairness opinion provides a rigorous financial analysis to support the conclusion. The analysis may include a review of comparable transactions, trading multiples for guideline public companies and a discounted cash flow analysis.

Why Get a Fairness Opinion from Orchard Partners?

fairness opinion from Orchard Partners provides evidence that the board of directors has fulfilled its obligations of “loyalty and care.” Acting as an independent third party, Orchard provides its opinion of the fairness of the transaction to the shareholders of the company. 

Fairness opinions may be required when board members have a conflict of interest or when shareholders’ participation in a transaction is not uniform. Orchard has provided fairness opinions to public and private companies.

Orchard provides fairness opinions for acquisitions, divestitures, financings and going private transactions.

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