Where's the Money? How to Fund, Build and Exit Your Business
Venture Forum, Mar 2007

Valuing Contingent Consideration
Valuation Strategies, Jan/Feb 2006

Can The Quality of Fairness Opinions Be Improved?
M&A Today, Jul 2005

Dilution: You Always Hurt the Ones You Love
M&A Today, Oct 2004

Who Needs a Fairness Opinion?
M&A Today, Mar 2004

Selecting the Right Multiple
M&A Today, Feb 2003

Valuing Similar Businesses by Analyzing Utilization of Assets
M&A Today, Apr 2002

Matching Expectations with Motivations: Valuing Intangible Assets
M&A Today, Feb 2003

Paying with Stock
M&A Today, Aug 2000

Valuing High Tech Companies
M&A Today, Mar 1999


A simple explanation of the Option Pricing Method of appraising and valuing venture-backed, startup companies:

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Joel Johnson’s article “Be Careful When Pricing Employee Stock Options” is included in BVR’s Guide to Valuations for IRC 409A Compliance, as is a transcript of his participation in a national teleconference on 409A compliance.


Did Fair Value Accounting Contribute to the Financial Crisis?
Presentation to Concord Vine, Jan 2009

Venture Capital Valuation of Early Stage Companies
Presentation to Worcester Polytechnic Institute Venture Forum on Mar 2007

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