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What We Do
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Orchard Partners provides business appraisal services for rapidly growing companies.

Each report is provided by a certified business appraiser with more than 30 years of experience. We’ll support management in presenting and defending the appraisal –before auditors, regulators and board members–and we’ll take the lead when asked. Rely on us for:


  • 409A Appraisals
    • Each of our 409A appraisals is prepared to withstand a rigorous review from the client’s board of directors, its auditors, the SEC and the IRS. 
  • Cheap Stock Letters
    • For companies planning to go public, we assist in the preparation of the SEC “cheap stock” letter. 
  • Valuation of Intangible Assets
  • Valuation of Complex Financial Instruments
    • Orchard values complex financial instruments, including convertible notes, SAFEs, contingent consideration and fixed contracts for preferred shares issued in tranches. 
  • Gift and Estate Tax Reporting
    • We provide business valuations for gift tax appraisals and estate tax reporting.
  • Valuation of Acquisition Targets
    • Orchard advises companies on the valuation of acquisition targets.

Orchard Partners has the experience, expertise and commitment to prevent appraisal problems such as:

  • Challenges to the conclusion of a 409A appraisal.
  • Bewildering conclusions resulting from arcane models that are poorly explained or used incorrectly.
  • The issuance of incentive stock options that are incorrectly priced because of a flawed 409A appraisal.  
  • Delays in the pricing of an initial public offering due to “cheap stock” concerns from the SEC.
  • An audit that drags on with endless rounds of questions, revisions, and confusion due to incomplete appraisal reports.
  • Unreliable financial reporting due to exaggerated amortization charges or unexpected impairment write-downs.
  • Unreliable financial reporting due to flawed purchase price allocation appraisals.
  • Conflicts between the auditor and appraiser due to disagreements over methodology.

Contact Orchard Partners if you need help with an appraisal problem.